MECOS Microscope-Analyzers

MECOS-C2 family of automated microscopy systems

Spermatozoa mobility and morphology analyses

The MECO-SPERM analyzer captures and visualizes trajectories of live spermatozoa, quantitatively assesses the types of their movement. The Analyzer allows to perform analyses of sperm morphology in accordance with the Krueger's criteria. To analyze mobility the MECOS-C2-MECO-SPERM system accomplishes a film, to analyze morphology allows to capture a fields of view or to make virtual slide. Production of films and virtual slides by MECOS-C2-MECO-SPERM may conduct junior staff with minimal effort. Visual analysis of films and virtual slides on computer screen using MECO-SPERM Informatics is not depends on a term of validity of biomaterial, more productive than manual microscopy analysis. Application of MECOS-C2-MECO-SPERM increases objectivity of the technique and its productivity, creates conditions for local and remote collective maintenance of analyses flows, for quality control and training.

For more details see MECOC-C2 datasheet
The same hardware platform can support multiple MECOS-C2 analysis techniques. By filling out the form on the Contacts page, you can receive our commercial offer for the MECOS-C2 model in your chosen package.

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