MECOS Microscope-Analyzers

MECOS-C2 family of automated microscopy systems

The MECO-MALARIA scanner-analyzer for detection of Malarial Plasmodium in blood smears


The MECOS-C2 family offers the MECO-MALARIA automated scanner-analyzer for detection of malarial Plasmodium in blood smears prepared in accordance with the relevant recommendations. The technique can be managed on-line locally at MECOS-C2 system or from a remote computer through the Internet.

The specification of the MECOS-C2-MECO-MALARIA technique 

MECOS-C2 Hardware platform

1 M-5

1 O-9

4/8 O-9

200 O-9/400 O-9

Specimen preparation

Thin or thick painted blood smears on standard glasses

Automatic maintenance of party of glasses

1 glass

Up to 4/8 glasses

Up to 200/400 glasses

Identification of glasses

Visual dialog; manual or automatic by barcode

Application of immersion oil and objective change



Support for dialog scanning

Interactive XYZ navigation through the keyboard or joystick. Automatic navigation for view of the given number of fields  on the given increase. Select and fixing of the fields of view in the Specimen Gallery.

Mapping of the slide

Automatic scanning of the slide on the lens 4 x with the formation of the map of smear

Making of high resolution virtual slide of informative area of the smear

After dialog/automatic  selection on the map the region of malarial Plasmodium detection automatic scanning on a given objective (50x oil /100 x oil) and production of 2D Virtual slide of the given size (the given number of fields)


Automatic detection of malarial Plasmodium and calculation of concentration. Automatic navigation of the view of the given number of fields in the Virtual slide. Analysis results on the given forms

Access and control

Locally from the MECOS-C2 platform or remotely over a local network or the Internet on-line with the same visualization quality and voice Exchange.

For more details see MECOS-C2 presentation 
The same hardware platform can support multiple MECOS-C2 analysis techniques. By filling out the form on the Contacts page, you will receive our offer for the MECOS-C2 model in your chosen package.

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