MECOS Microscope-Analyzers

The MECOS-C2 is a family of microscopy systems, intended for automation and Informatization of biomaterials analyses.
Consumers: laboratory medical, sanitary-epidemiological, forensics, research, production, veterinary.
The MECOS-C2 hardware submitted platforms with different levels of automation and productivity from digital microscope with manual control up to autonomous robot.
The MECOS-C2 software implements the functionality of scanners and analyzers for specimens of different types.
The consumer can choose platform and composition of functions taking into account lab profile, workload and budget.

Blood smear scanner-analyzer

Helminth and Protozoa scanner-analyzer

Scanner for virtual microscopy Immunohistochemical markers analyzer
Animal blood smear scanner-analyzer Urine and othes biological liquids sediments scanner
Malarial Plasmodium scanner-analyzer Mycobacteria scanner-analyzer
Spermatozoa analyzer Densitomorphometry analyzer

Metaphase plate Search

Hardware platforms                                                               MECOS-C2 informatics


MECOS-C2 datasheet and price list

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