MECOS Microscope-Analyzers

The MECOS-C2 is a family of microscopy systems, intended for automation biomaterials analyses. Consumers: laboratory medical, sanitary-epidemiological, forensics, research, production, veterinary.
The MECOS-C2 hardware submitts platforms with different levels of automation and productivity from digital microscope with manual control up to autonomous robot. The MECOS-C2 software implements the functionality of automated scanners, search engines and analyzers for specimens of different types. Scanners produce digital copies of specimens, search engines detect, analyzers detect and identify analysis objects. MECOS-C2 provides tools of remote access and telemedicine advice of digital specimens.

Blood smear scanner-analyzer

Helminth and Protozoa scanner-search engine

Scanner for histology and cytology Metaphase plate search engine 
Animal blood smear scanner-analyzer Urine and othes biological liquids scanner
Malaria Plasmodium scanner-analyzer Mycobacteria scanner-search engine







Spermatozoa analyzer

Hardware platforms

MECOS-C2 datasheet
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