MECOS Microscope-Analyzers

MECOS-C2 family of automated microscopy systems

The MECO-MET Metaphase plate search engine

The MECOS-C2-MECO-SCAN-MECO-MET automatic scanner-search engine to collect sample of metaphase plates performs:
Automatic 2D scanning glass at 4x for Map of glass production;
Automatic select on the Map of glass region of metaphase plates search;
Automatic 2D scanning region of search at 10x to detect open metaphase plates;
Automatic shooting of found metaphase plates at high resolution with formation of the image gallery.

For more details see MECOS-C2 datasheet
The same hardware platform can support multiple MECOS-C2 analysis techniques. By filling out the form on the Contacts page, you will receive our offer for the MECOS-C2 model in your chosen package.

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