MECOS Microscope-Analyzers

MECOS Service Center

The MECOS Service Center, having long-term experience in the development, production and maintenance of equipment and software for microscopy, with highly skilled service engineers,with manufacturing capabilities, offers the following services:

- adjustment, repair and maintenance of MECOS-C2 microscopy systems;

- modernization of microscopy systems with replacement parts, equipment and software for advanced automation features, quality and performance.

We conclude the contract to perform one-time operations and maintenance for a long time.


MECOS Scientific-Methodical Center

The MECOS Company offers its Scientific-Methodical Center (SMC) to perform customer researches by methods of robotic and virtual microscopy.

SMC offers automated microscopy systems and expertise to manufacture high-quality virtual slides and other digital models of customer’s natural specimens. 

SMC provides tools and services for creating digital archives of  customer's specimens, to develop automated procedures for analysis, training and quality control.