MECOS microscopy combine

Company profile

"MEdical COmputer Systems (MECOS)" Company (Moscow, Russia) since 1993 is a developer and manufacturer of scanning microscopes-analyzers for medicine, veterinary science, ecology, scientific researches. Innovative technologies provide for the products of MECOS a leading position of functional characteristics, the own production of key components creates an advantage in price. The products of MECOS are focused on inexpensive general-purpose methods for sample preparation. Modern information tools provide remote monitoring and support of the manufacturer throughout the life cycle. Products of MECOS are in the process of constant updating, remaining at the forefront of scientific and technological progress.

Mecos microscopy systems work in more than 200 laboratories of Russia and foreign countries. The hardware and language localization are performed when exporting. The MECOS-C2 systems have a full package of documents permitting medical use.

The MECOS company supplies OEM products, including special automated microscopy systems, microscopy automation equipment, biomaterials imaging software.