MECOS Microscope-Analyzers

MECOS-C2 family of automated microscopy systems

The MECO-HEMOa scanner-analyzer for Animal blood smear analyses

The MECO-HEMOa scanner-analyzer is the version of the MECO-HEMO scanner-analyzer for analyses of animal blood smears. MECO-HEMOa accelerates and standardizes analysis, increases productivity, creates a modern workplace.  Automatic adaptation to the specific features of the smear provides analysis performance in conditions of usual specimen preparation quality. The technique can be implemented on MECOS-C2 hardware platforms with different automation levels of load, identification and specimen scan. Self-learning function of MECO-HEMOa is available to adapt automatic WBC sorting for animals of the specified types using interactive training sorting of an experienced cytopatologist.

For more details see blood smear analyses descriptions in MECOS-C2 datasheet

​​The same hardware platform can support multiple MECOS-C2 analysis techniques. By filling out the form on the Contacts page, you will receive our offer for the MECOS-C2 model in your chosen package.

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