MECOS microscopy combine

The MECOS combines implement a group of automatic scanners and analyzers for specimen research across the entire range of light microscopy resolution.

MECOS combine in laboratory
Combines use AMSM© self-adaptation technology, optimizing the quality and speed of production of the specimen digital image (DIS) at the required resolution. Specialized analysis of the DIS in accordance with the requirements of the technique perform combine neural networks. Laboratory combine kits are represented by the families of MECOS-C2 and MECOS-C3.
The MECOS-C2 combine family of medical applications form sets with platforms of different levels of automation and loading of slides. The family analyses techniques form the results of the "2 Opinion" class with the possibility of full control of the results by user. To support control, the techniques are recorded in the database the DISs, reflecting all stages of automatic microscopy and analysis of the specimen. The MECOS-C3 combine family provides the platform for non-standard size specimens and techniques for research, veterinary and production purposes. Up to 8 techniques of analyses of different types of specimens can be implemented on the same platform MECOS-C2/C3.

MECOS combine in cloud
The laboratory part of the MECOS combine is integrated with the cloud combine part. A user of the MECOS-C2/C3 combine can send produced DIS together with the results of DIS analysis from laboratory to the user page in site-server The invited consultant can visit user's page in the, analyze by the built-in browser DIS and results and send written conclusion to the user.
Users can create in their cloud DIS archives for different purposes (training, quality control, research).
Users of the MECOS-C2/C3 combines can send their DIS with the user adjusted DIS analysis results to the manufacturer's cloud resource MECOSMonitor to include in training data base of automatic analyzers of MECOS-C2/C3 techniques. The manufacturer performs periodically modernization of the automatic analyzers of techniques by the MECOS LOSCAM© technology, training neural networks of the analyzers by the collective database of the DIS and results from active laboratories. The LOSCAM technology implements a permanent contour of the adaptation of combines to a variety of specimens and analyses objects, improving the characteristics of the class 2 opinion analyzer, approaching the possibility of using the combine as an analyzer of the 1 class opinion without user control.

Blood smear scanner-analyzer

Helminth and Protozoa scanner-search engine
Scanner for histology and cytology Scanner for gynecology
Metaphase plate search engine Malaria plasmodium scanner-search engine
Mycobacteria scanner-search engine Animal blood smear scanner-analyzer

MECOS-C2 platforms MECOS-C3 platforms

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