MECOS microscopy combine

The scanning combine MECOS-C2 is designed to automate a group of mass and research techniques for analyzing biomaterials at the full range of light microscopy resolutions. Automatically formed specimen digital images, "SDI", (specimen maps, virtual slides, galleries of objects of analysis) allow the laboratory to increase the productivity of pathologies, introduce quality control, standardize mass analyses, perform in-depth analyses unavailable in manual microscopy. MECOS-C2 provides a full range of state-of-the-art information services, including databases, remote consultations, remote quality control and escorts. MECOS-C2 sets with 1/4/8/200 glass self-service equipment platforms are delivered. MECOS-C2 can perform up to 8 automatic tests of different type slides on the same platform, saving laboratory space.

Model MECOS-C2 8-O9max complete with offline serviced of 8 slides of different types, with full range of resolutions, with automatic setting of microscopy, shooting, navigation, scanning for each slide

MECOS-C2 combines are integrated with the site-server, which provides telemedicine, quality control and training services of exported SDI.
The SDIs of laboratory combine can be also automatically exported to the ASMA-MECOS cloud-based escort system for remotely automatic testing of combine equipment and quality of combine analyses. The use of and ASMA-MECOS allows the manufacturer to maintain high quality of operation of combines, to use information about the work of combines in a variety of laboratory conditions to improve the applied and develop new techniques. The ever-expanding ASMA-MECOS base with diagnostic assessments of experts can be used by the medical community as a research information resource for laboratory diagnostics.

MECOS-C2 tests:

Blood smear scanner-analyzer


Helminth and Protozoa scanner-search engine


Scanner for histology and cytology


Metaphase plate search engine


Animal blood smear scanner-analyzer


Urine and othes biological liquids scanner


Malaria Plasmodium scanner-analyzer


Mycobacteria scanner-search engine


Spermatozoa analyzer


Hardware platforms

MECOS-C2 datasheet

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