MECOS Microscope-Analyzers

Architecture and functionality of the MECOS-C2 microscopy systems correspond to the concept of an autonomous combine with a full set of operations required to methodically specified analysis of biomaterial. Functionality of the MECOS combine corresponds to laboratory equipment type Scanning Microscope Analyzer.

Architecture of the MECOS-C2 combine allows to implement on the same platform group of techniques for analysis of specimens of different types. To do this, the MECOS-C2 systems use modular hardware platforms with a working space for a significant number of interaction options required for different methods of analyses.

Functionality of the MECOS-C2 combine submitted by universal and specialized automated scanners, search engines and analyzers, developed for different types of specimens and using the necessary arsenal of the combine hardware support. Scanners form the digital copies of specimens for local or remote visual or automatic analysis, search engines and analyzers perform navigation and search for objects of the specified types, their measurement and analysis. Search engines and analyzers are designed using technology of neural network learning. Digital copies of specimens certified by experienced experts are used as training samples. Research mode of neural network learning by training samples of users for new automatic analyzer development is available.

The MECOS-C2 combine hardware platforms can be applied to support different levels of autonomy and performance. The MECOS-C2 family offers unmatched service for platform composition selection by using the MECOS-C2 combine digital lookalike. The digital lookalike can help to choose optimal scanning speed for a group of specified by consumer digital specimen resolutions to maximize throughput and reduce the cost of the MECOS-C2 combine analyses. The digital lookalike technology has made it possible to realize the MECOS-C2 combine models with scanning speed and resolution with similar characteristics of specialized scanners while maintaining the advantages of combine and effective price/quality ratio.

Blood smear scanner-analyzer


Helminth and Protozoa scanner-search engine


Scanner for histology and cytology


Metaphase plate search engine


Animal blood smear scanner-analyzer


Urine and othes biological liquids scanner


Malaria Plasmodium scanner-analyzer


Mycobacteria scanner-search engine


Spermatozoa analyzer


Hardware platforms

MECOS-C2 datasheet

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