MECOS microscopy combine

MECOS-C2/C3 families of automated microscopy combines

The MECO-MYCOBACT search engine for identification of Mycobacteria

The MECOS-C2 family offers the MECO-MYCOBACT automated scanner-search engine for identification of Mycobacteria in smears prepared in accordance with the relevant recommendations for the transmitted light microscopy or for visible luminescence. The technique automatically performs mapping of a slide on small increase, after dialog or automatic selection on the map the analysis region automatically performs the virtual slide (digital copy) of the region on full increase. The virtual slide is used for automatic and visual detection of Mycobacteria. Visual analysis of virtual slides  by a doctor on computer screen using MECO-MYCOBACT Informatics does not depend on the shelf life of a specimen, is much easier and more productive than analysis by direct microscopy. Application of the MECO-MYCOBACT increases  accuracy, sensitivity  and productivity of the technique,  creates conditions for local and remote collective maintenance of analyses, for quality control.

For more details see MECO-MYCOBACT technique specification

The same hardware platform can support multiple MECOS-C2 analysis techniques. By filling out the form on the Contacts page, you will receive our offer for the MECOS-C2 model in your chosen package.

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